Tuesday, October 26, 2010


There is not enough time in the day, or years left in my life to knit as much as I want to. In the past, I would not let myself knit during the day, because then I would get nothing done. Lately that is all I have been doing when the girls are in school. the housework is really suffering around here. I do not think that I am a fast knitter, and enjoy the process too much to want to speed up. I find knitting very relaxing, almost medatative in nature. This time of year I enjoy knitting in the kitchen and listening to books on tape. Today I finished Philippa's Gregory's The Boleyn Inheritance, which I would never have picked up to read, but enjoyed listening to it. In the evening, after the girls go to bed, and I can finally sit down, I knit while watching TV until midnight. I prefer not to knit with larger than 4mm needles. At the moment I have a pair of gloves (my first time making gloves), a pair of socks, an afghan, a cowl, a toy, mini socks for Christmas, and a scarf on the needles. This year I have tried to finish projects I have started - some years ago, and not to have so many projects on the go. I have been pretty successful, but I know that all these projects will not be finished before 2011. The afghan has been a real chore, and I am now forcing myself to finish a square a week, and then I can work on something I really want to. That is all for now because my eldest is due home on the bus.

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