Thursday, November 25, 2010

Noro Kureyon Socks

I just finished another pair of socks with Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn. These socks seemed to take me forever. I started them Aug 18/09, and just finished them a couple of days ago. Why did they take me so long? They took me so long because I knew that they were the wrong match of pattern and yarn choice. I love the pattern. It was the Waterfall Rib from Charlene Schurch's Sensational Knitted Socks. I love this book. If you could only have one sock book in your library this is it. You would never run out of different socks to make for the rest of your life with this book. I also love Noro sock yarn. Even though I get frustrated with the tangling and knotting of the yarn as you knit (with all the time I wasted untangling the yarn I could have made another pair of socks) the colorways can not be beat. But this yarn is so beautiful it got lost in the lace pattern. A simple rib or chevron pattern would showcase the yarn better. And the pattern would be better suited to a solid or semi solid colored yarn to highlight the lace. I knew all of this but I continued to knit. I should have pulled it out, but the stubborn streak in me hates the thought of starting over so I continued to knit. The construction of the socks is perfect, and I will wear them a lot, but I will always prefer looking at the bottom of them, the plain knit part, which shows the beautiful Noro color changes to the best of their advantage.

Sunday, November 7, 2010


I finished my first glove ever last night. Not a great picture, but I wanted to show it off. It is raining again, at least it is mild, so I couldn't go outside to take the picture. The pattern is Knotty by Julia Muellar (Laris) from Ravelry. I am using Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine and 2.5mm needles. My first time making gloves, and my first time using this yarn. I had fallen in love with the color (Tiger's Eye) at my local yarn shop (From Ewe To You), and had to have it. It took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with this yarn. I only wanted to buy one skein at first to see if I liked working with it. I didn't want to hide it away in a pair of socks so had picked out a scarf pattern, but I wasn't inspired by it, so decided to try gloves. The pattern is really well written, and easy to understand. Making gloves is finicky, but there is so many steps, and interest in the pattern, that it keeps you knitting. No fear of getting bored. Me index finger is a few rows too long. I thought about pulling it back, but it is not worth pulling out cast off stitches when it looks fine on the hand. I forgot to count my rows on the fingers, which is very odd for me, and I wish I had because it would have saved me time from trying it on over and over to check the lengh on my second one. When picking up stitches around the fingers it does leave some holes that have to be darned after, and with this fine yarn you have to make sure that you do not over darn and make the area bulky. I can't wait to cast on the second one today. I am also in love with this yarn. The color is beautiful, and the slight heathered color with hints of red in it speaks of late Fall to me. This was my first time using Berroco yarn and I am very impressed. I already have a sweater pattern picked out for Tessa using Vintage. I bought the booklet and just have to pick out the yarn. It will probably end up being the same color.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Knitting Groups

Knitting is such a solitary activity. Ravelry has opened up the knitting world, but still it is still you, by yourself, in front of the computer. Some people would say "I do not want to knit with a bunch of strangers!", but I guarantee that they will not be strangers for long. I recommend searching out knitting groups in your area. To actually sit and knit and talk about knitting with like minded people is a extraordinary, craft affirming experience, and a welcome relief to your non-knitting family members who are sick of faking interest. Check out your local yarn shop and see if they have stitch-n-bitch sessions, or take a class. Yes you may be with a bunch of strangers, of all age groups, and from different walks of life, but you all have one thing in commen - the love of knitting, and that is enough to bind you together. Aren't you sick of hearing from non-knitters comments like "I would love to knit but I do not have the time!", or "My Grandmother used to knit!", or when your Hubby is ready to go & you say "One more row!", and you catch that eye roll. They do not understand, but your knitting group will. Face it all of you start as strangers, but you have all brought yourself to this one room together because of your love of knitting. To actually sit and talk about knitting, and not see that glazed look you may catch on a non-knitters face is; to actually have someone ask you questions about your knitting, and care to hear the answer - is an experience not to be missed.

I went to a knitting group hosted by my local library. I didn't know anyone there, but now know them as my friends. The group started out twice a week (Fall-Spring), but then into the second year a new person came and on her first night she complained about wanting it to be weekly, and that she would host on the weeks in between the library meeting. Now we meet weekly all year long, and some of us even meet more than that. We all started out as strangers, but were so excited to meet like minded people, obsessed with the same craft, that we quickly became friends. We learn from each other. We get inspired from each other. We laugh together, and never have to worry about seeing the eye roll, or dealing with fake enthusiasm, because we all just get it!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I know we have all been there, but it is still very frustrating. Last night I wasted the whole night trying to figure something out, and did not get much knitting done. I have picked up stitches many times, but sometimes no matter how much I look at something my mind goes blank, and I make the same mistake over and over again. I had made my five arms for the sea star, and I had to join them together in the round by picking up stitches. My first attempt I could not figure out how to knit it in the round because by the way I was holding it my working yarn was coming from my left hand which didn't work - so I ended up purling the first round straight by not joining to get my working yarn coming from the right needle, but then when I knit it in the round I ended up with purl bumps. I pulled it out and tried again and again - as you can tell I am very stubborn, and would have stayed up all night to figure it out if I had to. Finally I realized that I was holding it wrong, and it just clicked. After many hours I figured it out, but I wouldn't be able to explain exactly what I was doing wrong or how I figured it out. It just eventually worked. So my advise is to not give up and keep on trying until it is right. Sometimes it is better to put it down for a bit and come back to it - something I never did, but if I had it might have clicked sooner. Now I am going to go and finish this project that should have been a really quick knit, but instead became a test of my patience, but perseverance finally paid off.

Finally finished, and I am happy with the results.