Thursday, November 4, 2010

Knitting Groups

Knitting is such a solitary activity. Ravelry has opened up the knitting world, but still it is still you, by yourself, in front of the computer. Some people would say "I do not want to knit with a bunch of strangers!", but I guarantee that they will not be strangers for long. I recommend searching out knitting groups in your area. To actually sit and knit and talk about knitting with like minded people is a extraordinary, craft affirming experience, and a welcome relief to your non-knitting family members who are sick of faking interest. Check out your local yarn shop and see if they have stitch-n-bitch sessions, or take a class. Yes you may be with a bunch of strangers, of all age groups, and from different walks of life, but you all have one thing in commen - the love of knitting, and that is enough to bind you together. Aren't you sick of hearing from non-knitters comments like "I would love to knit but I do not have the time!", or "My Grandmother used to knit!", or when your Hubby is ready to go & you say "One more row!", and you catch that eye roll. They do not understand, but your knitting group will. Face it all of you start as strangers, but you have all brought yourself to this one room together because of your love of knitting. To actually sit and talk about knitting, and not see that glazed look you may catch on a non-knitters face is; to actually have someone ask you questions about your knitting, and care to hear the answer - is an experience not to be missed.

I went to a knitting group hosted by my local library. I didn't know anyone there, but now know them as my friends. The group started out twice a week (Fall-Spring), but then into the second year a new person came and on her first night she complained about wanting it to be weekly, and that she would host on the weeks in between the library meeting. Now we meet weekly all year long, and some of us even meet more than that. We all started out as strangers, but were so excited to meet like minded people, obsessed with the same craft, that we quickly became friends. We learn from each other. We get inspired from each other. We laugh together, and never have to worry about seeing the eye roll, or dealing with fake enthusiasm, because we all just get it!

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